Pax 3 Vaporizer Review

Pax Vaporizer Review – A very intriguing portable vaporizer that produces amazing vapor, Pax is becoming one of the most popular vaporizers on the market.

They have been featured in many magazines and in “Top 10 Vaporizers” on TV’s Food Network. Their Pax 3 is a new version with some cool new features that they are calling “Natural” Pure”.

Natural means that the wax goes through a natural heat-break. Pure means that the wax is processed with no chemicals. This means it will not contain any of the chemicals that might cause you to develop a harmful allergy.

Although both have their good points and negative points I would suggest the natural one. It contains no chemicals. You do not want to take chemicals into your body so there is a reason the Pax has been called “The Cleanest Vaporizer Ever”.

Pax 3 Vaporizer Review: Why it’s better than others?

The reason I chose to review this product is that I wanted to find out what everyone else thought about it. I researched and read a lot of opinions and decided to write my review based on what I found.

I just did a similar review of the Pax 2. It has many good things as well as a few negative points. But I did get a chance to see it in action at a local store. It had great reviews so I felt I should write my own review on this one.

The first thing I found was that I did like the design of the vaporizer. It looks like a coffee maker. It has a very simple design with a stainless steel body, a glass bowl, and LED lights in the base for more lighting. There are no infrared heating and no two-way control.

If you have ever seen the Pax Vaporizer reviewed in “Popular Mechanics”, it is built like a tank. But it looks like a potpourri vial. It really does look like a potpourri vial.

The second thing I noticed when I did my review of this vaporizer was that the battery did not last long. It is a two-hour lasting light bulb. I guess they really wanted to make the Pax Vaporizer “natural”. The light stays on but is not very bright.

This vaporizer also has an electric scent system. It has a fresh scent that you can adjust from yellow to orange. This is nice, but it could use a little more kick.

Another complaint I read about in my review of this product was that there was no option for convection heating. They claim that you can go one way or the other. This is great if you want a better taste of the original wax.

The last complaint I heard about in my review was that the Pax is a bit larger than the Pax 2. If you have a lot of people over for dinner or even going out on the town you might want to look into this model.

I think they both have enough features to be enjoyable and both give you the convenience of a portable vaporizer.

In conclusion, I would recommend the Pax Vaporizer to people who like the convenience of having a portable vaporizer that gives you great tasting wax.

The heat-break makes it a great choice for people who are concerned about allergic reactions to their wax. Overall I think Pax 3 is a great investment in a portable vaporizer.

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